Chichen Itzá – Mexico

I saw a photo from Tulum Mexico once- the Mayan ruins on the cliff by the ocean and decided I wanted to go there some time.
So there I was on a bus heading from Bacalar to Tulum. Arriving at my hotel at Tulum I am told there is a festival going on next door and they would be playing music until 5:00 am. I ate late lunch and headed for the bus station- bought a ticket to Valladolid, which is a small city in the colonial style which lies close to Chichen Itzá.

Iglesia de la Candelaria, Valladolid, Mexico

It’s Saturday March 18th 2017 and I am still in Valladolid, though at a different hotel.
Thursday I took a trip arranged by MexiGo to Chichen Itzá. I shared the tour with a honeymoon couple and had a fantastic day.
We got to the site early in the morning and it is simply amazing. Much different than Tikal.

Kukulkan Temple – the main pyramid at Chchen Itzá

After exploring Chichen Itzá (with our guide and then later on our own) we went to swim in a Cenote and have lunch there as well.
It is an incredible feeling to swim in a cenote – the huge rock formations on the sides, the light reflecting, dragonflies buzzing around and this divine refreshing water.

Cenote near Chichen Itzá