Valladolid: I like this place and I still have trouble pronouncing the name!

This is my 6th and last night in Valladolid. I really like this place. I am in a super friendly and comfortable hotel, right in the middle of town. People greet you on the street, the light is beautiful and I love walking around town, looking into shops and doorways. The streets look like movie sets or Mexican Dennis Hopper scenes. The colors are wonderful. It’s an old colonial city – although I would call it a town.

I found another shop with a machine making tortillas and right nearby there was a machine on the street that looked like a creature – I have no idea what that one is for!

The Tortilla machine.

The Ingersoll-Rand machine. And I found a link to the company: Ingersoll Rand

They even have street vendors selling these figures, which are about a meter tall!
I wonder if I could fit it into my suitcase?