blogs & globs

When I originally decided to do a travel blog, my friend Kirsten asked why. My answer was this:

  • Why FaceBook isn’t the best solution: I post photos on Facebook, but this limits it to FaceBook people. I also delete postings after a month or so, which means it is only the albums that are more permanent.
  • Why an en e-mail isn’t the best solution either: I loose my documentation, since I try to clear out my e-mail inbox as frequently as possible.

So the blog seemed to be the best solution, although I soon discovered that the slow internet made it quite difficult – sometimes electricity would be off too. So I gave up that idea until recently, when I had an interesting experience in Belize and felt the urge to write about it.

And now this blog has become a mix of English and Danish, but I will probably continue in English for a while, since that is what I am thinking in at the moment (when I am not struggling with the Spanish!)

Any suggestions, ideas, corrections etc. are  most welcome!