Coco Bongo Beach and Batman

After leaving Valladolid I headed for Cancún. I wanted to hear if my travel agent, Airtiki, could help change my ticket and get me home earlier (these guys have helped me out numerous times since my first big trip, where they sent me around the world in 2003).  I was a little travel weary, but also feeling filled up and satisfied – quite content really and just wanting to get home, and missing Henrik a whole lot.
My flight home would be from Cancún so I figured I would hang out there until things got settled.

Nah Ix U Bed & Breakfast, Cancún

I booked a room at a wonderful bed & breakfast run by an Italian. I wrote to Airtiki and Uffe said he would work something out for me. So while I waited, I went to the beach – had to get into that GORGEOUS WATER of the Carribean. Gio gave me instructions how to get to a public beach and off I went on a local bus. I was staying in the downtown area of Cancún on a wonderful, quiet residential street. The beach area is a long peninsula with huge hotels side by side. Finally I get to Coco Bongo beach (“Get off when you see Batman” Gio had told me – and sure enough – there was Batman), I think Coco Bongo is a noisy beach in the evening – catering to people with a desire for tequilas and loud music.

Entering Coco Bongo Beach

But in the daytime it is quiet and with very few people. Perfect for me! Thank you Gio! The waves are strong, but there was a small bay where swimming was possible. I couldn’t believe there were so many shades of blue and the intensity of the colours was incredible.

Coco Bongo Beach

Uffe had found a flight for me, but the 7 hour time difference was making communication a challenge. I ended up getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning to check e-mails and see if the ticket came through – and it did. So Thursday morning I was off to New York City JFK and an airport hotel for a night before flying to Europe.
After a good night’s sleep I was ready to take the subway to the city. The hotel was so kind as to store my luggage and drive me to the airtrain which connects to the subway. I was hunting for a winter coat, which didn’t happen, but I had a great cup of coffee at a funky place in Soho called “Ground Support”

I had been dreaming of Indian food again and found Spice Symphony, where Henrik and I had enjoyed a great meal last time we were in NYC. I wandered around, past The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station (some of my favorite buildings) Got back to the hotel , collected luggage and now I am here at JFK, next to the only plug I could find, with a great seat for writing.
So I thank you for joining me here in Cyber Space.