Loving what is – Belize City

On february 25th I started a 40 day on-line course which is defined as a retreat. I was feeling a bit stuck and this opportunity to be guided through some processes seemed like a gift to me. Today’s topic is about loving everything, seeing the love around you and not being blind to the abundance of love that surrounds us. This was a challenge for me today.

Novelos Bus Terminal Belize
Novelos Bus Terminal Belize

I am in Belize City, which is a slum; people are poor, houses are in bad shape, the streets are dangerous because of the poverty. I was walking to a place to have some food and a kind man on the street suggested I take a taxi instead of walking (this is in the afternoon!) So I get a taxi and a wonderful Rastafarian guy named Russel drives me to an Indian restaurant (which has recently gotten bad reviews, but my craving for Paneer wins and Russel says the food there is good ).

Suddenly the Light shines through and I am in love with dirty, worn out Belize City. I am at an off hour so have the whole place to myself and the food is delicious and authentic and there are condiments I have never had before. There is so much food I have dinner for tonight as well.

I get the restaurant to call Russel to pick me up and I go to Moon Cluster Café, where I have my first cup of Belize coffee and am happy that it’s local people running it and local people drinking coffee there.

I bring my coffee back to the hotel where I sip it looking out over my street which is filled with children on their way home from school – chatting and laughing; the light, the palm trees, knowing the sea is two blocks away and since it has just rained the plants are happy and the streets have been washed.

View: Hyde Lane Belize City

Belize City 07-03-2017